DEM senator caught with money in underwear asks for leave of absence – 10/20/2020 – Power


Senator Chico Rodrigues (DEM-RR), caught by the Federal Police with money hidden in his underwear, called for his departure from office on Tuesday (20). According to the senator’s defense, the requested leave is for a period of 90 days.

“He asked for 90 days, irrevocable, irreversible and without receiving salaries in the period,” said the senator’s defense, in a note.

The senator was deputy leader of the Jair Bolsonaro government in the House and left the post. He was the target of a search and seizure warrant by the Federal Police in Boa Vista, in an operation that investigates deviations in funds to combat Covid-19 last Wednesday (14).

According to information from the Federal Police sent to the Supreme Court, the congressman hid R $ 33,150 in his underwear. Of this total, R $ 15 thousand in bundles of money were between the buttocks.

On Monday afternoon (19), Rodrigues, who was the head of the ethics council, asked for the collegiate’s dismissal. The senator has also resigned from the special commission that analyzes government spending on the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus.

With his departure from the House, the senator’s son, Pedro Rodrigues (DEM-RR), does not assume the mandate. He, who is the first alternate of the position, would take over from 120 days.

On Monday (19), Senator Jayme Campos (DEM-MT), president of the Senate’s ethics council, defended that Rodrigues ask for a 120-day mandate leave.

If the orientation had been accepted, Rodrigues would have 30 days more to defend himself than the time of removal determined by Minister Luís Roberto Barroso.

On Thursday (15), the STF (Supreme Federal Court) minister determined that the congressman be removed from office for 90 days. The final decision, however, rests with the Senate, which needs to vote the removal in plenary.

With the removal requested by the senator himself, Rodrigues spared the Senate plenary from making the decision. As a result, the process that the former vice-leader of the government is targeting in the House Ethics Council may follow its procedure, without the presence of the senator in the House.

On Friday (16), the leaf showed that a group of senators have articulated a movement to analyze the Rodrigues case in the ethics council, thereby delaying the Supreme Court’s decision. Congressmen talk about sending a message to the STF to limit the Judiciary’s action on Congress.

Part of the senators argue that, before being removed, as Barroso wants, Rodrigues should be judged by the ethics council, with that, they would bypass the decision, for the time being monocratic, and give Rodrigues more time to defend himself, before the case go to the Senate floor.

The preliminary injunction (provisional decision) will be analyzed by the STF plenary on Wednesday (21). The trial was scheduled by the court’s president, Luiz Fux, at Barroso’s request. Even on Friday, the ethics council received a representation for breach of parliamentary decorum against Rodrigues. Rede e Cidadania want the termination of the senator’s mandate, now licensed.

Campos has already referred the representation for breach of parliamentary decorum entered by the two parties to the Senate’s advocacy. There is still no deadline for delivering the opinion.

After this manifestation, Campos will define whether or not to accept the representation. If so, the process begins at the Casa ethics council.

“What happened was very bad, it made the senator very uncomfortable, Chico himself must be embarrassed. But, above all, I will fulfill my part as chairman of the ethics council and what the House’s internal regulations say,” he said.

Head of the collegiate, the leader of the PSD in the Senate, Otto Alencar (BA), criticized Campos’ suggestion. For him, Rodrigues should resign.


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