Dentist who was missing is found dead in forest area


Yesterday afternoon (14), the Civil Police together with the Fire Department found the body of dentist Bárbara Terezinha Machado Padilha, 32, on the margins of BR 158. The body was located by sniffer dogs from the Fire Department of Santa Maria , Rio Grande do Sul, who were assisting in searches since Monday.

The body was in a region of closed forest, difficult to access, about 300 meters from the place, where yesterday, a footprint compatible with the boot that Barbara was wearing on the day she found Santa Maria was found.

The site was the target of searches, because the images obtained in the security cameras of the Gas Station and CIOSP, located in the Trevo do Castelinho, pointed out that Bárbara followed in the direction of the mountains.

She had also been seen crossing the bridge and then a security camera at a commercial establishment caught Barbara walking alone, in a dark place, in the direction of where she was located.

All the technical investigation carried out showed that Bárbara’s cell phone was used in that region, where her body was found.

The body showed no signs of violence, only scratches resulting from the extremely closed and dense forest that it crossed to reach that place.

IGP experts investigated the location and IML will carry out the necessary expertise for the outcome of the case.

There were more than 80 hours of hard work, which involved civil police from the Tupanciretã DP, DPHPP from Santa Maria, DEAM from Santa Maria, SIPAC from the Regional Police Station, Fire Department and PRF.

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