Depressed grouper that ate all the other fish in the aquarium wins a 16-year ‘surprise party’


A depressed grouper had a brief moment of happiness in an aquarium in Finland by winning a birthday party. After a long period of isolation because of the coronavirus, which closed Helsinki’s Sea Life, Mikko, a 15kg blue fish, won a salmon cake to celebrate his 16th birthday. The information is from the Daily Star.

Mikko and the salmon cake Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

The celebration was reported on the social networks of the Sea Life aquarium. Even the video that congratulated Mikko became the most liked Instagram of the space. In the video, employees have a “surprise party” for Mikko. They turn off the lights and approach the glass of the tank with the salmon cake. The fish then approaches, attracted by the candles.

According to officials, Mikko has always been a solitary animal, but closing the aquarium during the lockdown period has aggravated the situation.

“When we had to close the attraction in the spring because of Covid-19, caretakers and other employees clearly saw that Mikko seemed more apathetic for the lack of visitors,” said a spokeswoman for Sea Life.


Despite being saddened by the lack of movement in the aquarium, Mikko has never been one of many friends and has had depressive episodes before. Loneliness, in fact, that the animal itself caused, since it ate all the fish that were placed to keep it company. The most recent was a poisonous red lionfish, which was also eaten.

Mikko has lived at Sea Life in Helsinki since 2007, when he was donated to Sea Life for having behaved aggressively in a fish shop, where he ate his tankmates. Before, I had already passed two other aquariums.

Even though he is not the most popular animal among aquarium fish, Mikko is the most popular among visitors.


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