“Depression is not a lack of what to do”, says Leandro Karnal – 10/16/2020


In an interview with journalist Mariliz Pereira Jorge, on this Friday (16) panel of VivaBem Mental Health Week, professor and historian Leandro Karnal reflected on the fact that society still faces mental disorders, such as depression, as freshness .

“People understand cancer perfectly well and sympathize with those who have pertussis, diphtheria, covid-19. But when it comes to a mental disorder they think it is freshness. Why do we keep thinking that we are just a body floating in space, and not also a mind that is subjected to health and disease? “he said. According to him, “psychophobia” is one of the great contemporary prejudices.

Mariliz revealed that she felt this kind of judgment when she exposed her diagnosis of depression in an article in the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper in 2015. The journalist said she was surprised by the amount of people surprised to learn of her condition, because they considered her a ” happy person”. “They were unable to associate this disease with a person with my profile”.

Karnal stressed that there is a common idea among people that if someone smiles, that person cannot automatically experience depression. “There is a confusion between joy and sadness and between health and depression. In fact, there is a high rate of depression among comedians. So, smiling or not smiling does not indicate depression.”

He also pointed out that depression is not sadness, but a disease that has multiple causes and can have a trigger, such as a professional loss, an illness, a grief. She is a greater force than the person, who often would like to be in another situation. Severe depression needs not only specialized monitoring but also medication.

For those who still think that depression is something for those who have nothing to do, the teacher counters: “Statistically, depression is much stronger in overworked people, who work too much. Therefore, who is not in the area, should not give an opinion on mental illnesses “.


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