DGS prevented Bracali from going to the bank – Boavista


Goalkeeper of Boavista was in contact with one infected by Covid-19

The absence of Bracali caused strangeness, but in the end came the explanation from those responsible for Boavista: it was the Directorate-General for Health, through the ARS Norte, that prevented the presence of Bracali in yesterday’s game, since the Brazilian was in contact direct contact with someone infected with Covid-19.

“The situation had to do with an impediment due to Covid-19. The player is not infected, but it was simply a DGS rule that did not allow the player to be present,” said Vasco Seabra. The technician called the young João Gonçalves to occupy the post of substitute guardian. It is not yet known when Bracali will be able to return to training, but for now he will have to comply with the decreed isolation.

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