Did you like Fall Guys? Meet the 8 games with similar proposals on mobile


Despite not having a year of release, Fall Guys already has a monstrous fanbase worthy of the best Triple A games, consolidating the competitive online genre in a way essentially focused on fun. Check out, below, the eight suggestions of the best titles with proposals similar to the game of jujubinhas.

1. Totally Reliable Delivery Service (Android e iOS)

Available for iOS and Android, delivering packages is much more fun now, with several tasks to be performed with up to three friends in a fully exploitable environment, with many secrets and ensuring hours of fun.

2. Human: Fall Flat (Android e iOS)

Timeless classic, Human: Fall Flat is a challenging physics-based puzzle. The player must explore the environment and find the safest alternatives to escape the levels, always with a lot of mess while jumping, grabbing, climbing and falling a lot.

3. Fall Dudes (Android)

Change “Guys” to “Dudes” and behold, a very “bomb patch” level game appears, like a big low-budget modification of the original game. Despite this, Fall Dudes don’t miss out on fun, especially for those looking for the gaming experience Fall Guys on your Android.

4. Execute Royale 3D (Android e iOS)

With challenges similar to that of Fall Guys, Execute Royale 3D includes new arenas, tracks and obstacles in a totally addictive way, using interesting adaptations from the stages of the Mediatonic title.

5. Milkman Karlson (Android)

While in search of his milk to survive, Karlson must overcome several obstacles along the way, leading the player to have precise control over crazy physics in a simple and objective way.

6. Knockout Race (Android e iOS)

With competitive mode for up to 50 players online, Knockout Race is the closest to Fall Guys on mobile devices, now with redesigned maps, new challenges and, of course, a lot of guaranteed fun.

7. Tetrun: Parkour Mania (Android e iOS)

Mixing elements of parkour and runner, Tetrun it is a race under obstacles where exploring the points of the scenery is essential to fulfill the missions. As in Fall Guys, accuracy and knowledge of the map are outstanding resources to progress and have fun in dozens of different levels.

8. Oopstacles (Android and iOS)

Based on the popular TV reality Takeshi’s Castle, Oopstacles is a crazy game with several different minigames, each with barrier mechanics, chases, jumps and much more, all inspired by the comedy series and the best videocassetadas on world television.

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