Diogo Clemente declares himself to Carolina Deslandes: Queen of my life – Boiling


Diogo Clemente and Carolina Deslandes surprised their followers by announcing their separation a month ago, after five years together, however, they have proven that they continue to maintain an excellent relationship.

The singer shared an image where she appears alongside her former companion and wrote in the caption: “Forever an epic team“. The musician hurriedly replied and, to the delight of the fans, left him a declaration of love.”The queen of my life“.

The old couple has three children in common, Santiago, four years old, Benjamim, three years old, and Guilherme, one year old and made it clear that he will keep “a love for life”.

You have to grow up to understand that you can be a team and a family, even if you don’t date or maintain a marriage. We remain the same, motivated and devoted to our children. We remain a family, happy and strong. But we are no longer together. We remain friends, we continue to make music and celebrate everything that brought us here and the wonderful things that life has given us. We remain us. And it will be like this all life“, wrote the two, when they announced the separation.


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