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There are several advantages available, among them you find ease of approval and lower interest rates.

For most citizens, having a dirty name can mean many problems along the way, especially for those looking for credit line options. According to Serasa Experian, at the beginning of the year alone, there were more than 60 million Brazilians with outstanding debts.

And as things can always make matters worse, it got even more complicated after the covid-19 pandemic that caused millions of workers to lose their jobs.

And these citizens who ended up losing their jobs are looking for options to make a living, where the credit card and the loan itself can be a way out.

But after all, is it possible to get credit with a dirty name?

As everyone knows, having a dirty name almost immediately means disapproval when applying for any type of credit, from installments in stores to loans. However, there are some institutions that invest in alternatives in order to be able to offer products with less bureaucracy for those who are negative.

Among the institutions we have Caixa Econômica Federal, which also offers credit card and loan lines without consulting credit protection agencies such as SPC and Serasa, which are available to account holders or not.

In some of the modalities, the possibility of payroll-deductible credit to INSS policyholders, in addition to credit guarantee options with a balance of the Guarantee Fund (FGTS) or even through an object of value.

Caixa loan options for negatives

Payroll Loans with the FGTS birthday withdrawal

In this modality, the consumer can request a loan from the bank giving the bank the guarantee of the FGTS balance. This option is free of bureaucracy, so it has easy approval. In this option, the bank is allowed to withdraw part of the value of the installments directly from the FGTS.

As a result, there is no need to consult with credit protection agencies, making it a viable option for those with restricted names.

Important! To join this loan modality, citizens must have subscribed to the FGTS withdrawal-anniversary modality.

Pledge Cashier

Penhor Caixa is a credit line with one of the lowest rates in the market and without bureaucracy. That is, with the Pawn, you leave with the money on the spot, and your goods are in total safety in the Caixa’s safe.

Recently, the Pledge rules have changed, and among the advantages of now is that the value of the gram of gold has increased, and there has also been a change in the maximum percentage of the loan on the appraised asset. It used to be 80% and now it’s 85%.

For those who are interested in pawning some property, check out the list of items accepted by Caixa:

  • Noble Metals;
  • Cut Diamonds;
  • Pearls;
  • Jewels;
  • Clocks;
  • Pens;
  • Pratarias.

Attention: All assets will undergo an assessment by an institution employee before granting the credit.

Caixa Caixa credit card for negatives

Caixa Econômica Federal also releases a credit card option for those with a dirty name, the option is for INSS policyholders and works in the form of payroll loans.

With the credit card the invoice is discounted directly on the sheet. With the Caixa Simples card, interest rates reach just 2.7% per month for the use of revolving cards, have zero annual fees and use the Elo Internacional flag for purchases in Brazil and abroad, in addition to allowing conversion of up to 95% of the limit into money in the account.

This card option is completely free of consultation with credit protection agencies.


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