Dirty name? Learn about Bmg and Inter bank credit card offers


Simple access to loans, financing, including requesting a loan credit card, it can be denied when the consumer is restricted by credit protection agencies, such as SPC and Serasa. Dealing with denials and negatives is no easy task.

However, there are still institutions that go against this scenario. Starting with banks Bmg e Inter, which offer credit cards to negative people. These services are especially aimed at those looking for easier and less bureaucratic hiring.

Inter Bank Card

The first card on the list that guarantees exclusive services is Inter credit card. The service is completely free of fees and has less bureaucracy compared to other cards. Check out some benefits below:

  • Exemption from annuity or surprise fees;
  • Without consulting SPC or Serasa;
  • Withdraw of up to 90% of the card limit at ATMs of the Banco24Horas network;
  • International flag for purchases abroad;
  • Lower interest rates compared to other banks.

How to apply for the Inter credit card? The Inter credit card is available for INSS retirees and pensioners, as well as for public servants of partner organizations (municipal, state and federal).

The minimum payment of the invoice is deducted directly from the benefit / salary sheet. The consignable margin varies from 5 to 10% of the card limit, depending on the type of agreement.

Interested in subscribing to the card can apply through the Inter card website. Approval is not guaranteed, as it takes into account other information besides the negative registration.

Bmg Card

In the race to offer innovative services, the Bmg Card is among the best. This is because the service has an annual fee exemption, a points program and can be requested by negative customers.

The card was designed to meet people who have faced difficulties when it comes to getting a card. Check out some advantages of the card:

  • International flag;
  • Enables national and international purchases;
  • Allows withdrawals at 24-hour ATMs;
  • Exclusive programs;
  • Mastercard banner;
  • Zero annuity;
  • Additional card;
  • Surprise Mastercard Program – which allows you to buy one product and take the second at no cost;
  • Insurance that settles the outstanding balance in the event of death or disability;
  • Digital account;
  • Management and expenses, balance and purchases via the application;
  • Low interest;
  • Without consultation with SPC or Serasa.

What are the fees charged to the Bmg credit card? Even with all the benefits, the Bmg card has fees that are used to maintain and guarantee the service offer. See the values ​​below:

  • Withdrawal fee: R $ 15;
  • Revolving interest rate: up to 3.36% per month;
  • Maximum rate per year: 84.9%;
  • Withdrawal and tele-withdrawal limit: up to 98% of the total limit;
  • Deadline for payment of purchases: up to 40 days.

How to apply for a Bmg credit card? The BMG Card is only available in the payroll function. Therefore, it is guaranteed for public servants and retirees and pensioners of the National Social Security Institute (INSS). The service request can be made through the BMG cards website.

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