Disagreement over the conduct of the presidential debates


LAST: Joe Biden’s campaign refuses to postpone the presidential debates.

One week before the planned second presidential debate in the American election campaign, there is complete confusion about how and when it will take place – whether it will take place at all.

On Thursday, the US Commission for Presidential Debates announced that the next presidential debate for infection control reasons would be conducted via video.

US commentator: – It is absolutely shocking

In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business at 2 pm Norwegian time, Donald Trump, on the other hand, said that he will not participate in a debate that takes place via video.

On Thursday night, CNN’s White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins wrote on Twitter that the Trump campaign has agreed to postpone the debate for a week, so that the two candidates do not have to carry it out via video transmission.

Judging by the wording, it thus seemed that the two parties could have agreed to postpone both of the last presidential debates.

Later that evening, however, it emerges that this is not something that is relevant to Joe Biden.

“Donald Trump does not set the timetable for the debates, it is the commission for the presidential debates that does,” Biden’s campaign manager Kate Bedingfield says according to the New York Times.

– We look forward to participating in the latest debate, which is scheduled for October 22, which is already the latest date for a final debate in 40 years. Donald Trump can show up, or he can refuse again. It is his choice, she continues.

They are crowned

President Donald Trump tested positive for coronavirus on Friday, and many have thus questioned whether the upcoming presidential debate will take place.

The president himself has said he is looking forward to the next debate.

Biden, for his part, has stated that the debate should not take place as long as the president is corona-positive. After the first presidential debate on Tuesday last week, Biden also had to test himself several times, despite the fact that there was a distance of several meters between him and Trump.

Infection control

The announcement that the next presidential debate will take place via video link comes the day after Vice Presidential candidates Mike Pence and Kamala Harris met for a debate in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Several measures had been introduced to reduce the risk of infection. Among other things, the two vice presidential candidates had two Plexiglas plates between them on stage.


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