Disappointed? iPhone 12 Pro with A14 Bionic loses to benchmark Snapdragon 865 phone


The iPhone 12 was announced by Apple this week with a new processor: the A14 Bionic, which is arriving with up to 50% more power and 80% faster on the Neural Engine, which should guarantee major advances in iOS performance.

However today a benchmark has listed the iPhone 12 and the 12 Pro and the result may not seem so encouraging for everyone.

AnTuTu results show an overall score of 564,899 points for iPhone 12 and 572,133 for iPhone 12 Pro, which is below that found on high-end Android devices with Snapdragon 865, one of the most powerful for Google-powered phones, second only to the Snapdragon 865 Plus, which is used in mobile phones dedicated to games.

For comparison, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra uses the Snapdragon 865 and scored 640,296 points, while the OnePlus 8 Pro reached 598,891 points.

The difference in score between the iPhone 12 and the Pro model may be due to the amount of RAM, which is taken into account by AnTuTu, since the standard model has 4GB and the Pro, 6GB. This could justify the difference also between Android phones, since the Mi 10 Ultra and the OnePlus 8 Pro have 12GB of RAM in the versions mentioned above.

In addition, let’s not forget that it is practically impossible to compare devices in this way as they have different systems, where iOS needs much less RAM to function, while Android offers many more customization options and still has several hardware options in several manufacturers many different.

Which is your choice: iOS or Android? Tell in the comments.


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