Discover 5 Sustagen Adult + vitamins and minerals that contribute to improving mood, immunity and bone health


Vitamins and minerals are essential organic compounds for the proper functioning of the body. They act for a series of fundamental chemical reactions – from the formation of neurotransmitters to the prevention of disease. Since these nutrients are not

produced by the body, they must be ingested through a healthy and balanced diet. Sustagen Adults + was developed to help people over 40 years old to meet the daily need for vitamins and minerals at this stage of life.

Discover the difference between Sustagen Adults + and Sustagen Kids

In addition, the brand recently launched Sustagen Adults + Fit, with no added sugars * and with reduced caloric content – one serving contains about 100 calories, equivalent to a cereal bar. Both the Sustagen Adults + formula and its newest version bring a combination of 26 vitamins and minerals that help with mood, immunity, bone health, among others.

Understand how Sustagen Adults + can contribute to the strengthening of the defense system.

The dietary supplement is rich in vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin A, as well as a source of calcium and iron. Then find out what these five nutrients in Sustagen Adults + are for and their benefits.

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– Vitamin A

Vitamin A is very important for vision: it protects the cornea, preventing dry eyes and night blindness. It also acts in the growth and development of tissues, in the repair of skin cells and mucous membranes, in the functioning of the immune system, among others. The antioxidant power of vitamin A prevents the action of free radicals and their harmful consequences – they are seen, for example, as causing tumors and osteoporosis.

Foods rich in vitamin A: mango, papaya, cashew, red guava, carrots, kale, spinach, broccoli, liver, egg yolks, whole milk, butter and cheese.

* A 40g serving (4 tablespoons) of Sustagen Adults + provides 57% of the daily requirement for vitamin A.

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– C vitamin

Vitamin C improves immunity by increasing the production of white blood cells and the levels of antibodies – which fight invaders such as viruses and bacteria. In addition, it is healing and antioxidant. Essential for the body’s natural production of collagen, vitamin C prevents skin aging, as well as providing more resistance to teeth, bones and tendons. The nutrient also enhances the absorption of iron, giving more energy and disposition.

Foods rich in vitamin C: orange, lemon, acerola, mandarin, guava, papaya, mango, pineapple, kiwi, cashew etc.

* A 40g serving (4 tablespoons) of Sustagen Adults + provides 89% of the daily requirement for vitamin C.

– Vitamin D

Vitamin D’s main function is to regulate the absorption of calcium by the body, ensuring the health of teeth, muscles, nerves and bones. The lack of this nutrient is related to the higher incidence of fractures in adulthood, for example. Vitamin D helps to control blood pressure, fight inflammation and balance the body’s defense system. It also participates in carbohydrate metabolism, reducing the risk of developing diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Foods rich in vitamin D: tuna, sardines, cod oil, liver steak, egg yolk, mushrooms etc.

* A 40g serving (4 tablespoons) of Sustagen Adults + provides 96% of the daily requirement for vitamin D.

– Ferro

Iron is responsible for transporting oxygen to all cells in the body, participates in the production of neurotransmitters and contributes to the immune system. This mineral prevents anemia, is good for the heart (helps to oxygenate it) and for the skin (plays a role in the production of collagen and elastin). Iron deficiency can cause apathy, irritability, drowsiness, learning disabilities and cognitive impairments.

Iron-rich foods: red meat, spinach, kale, beans, lentils, chickpeas, oats, cashews, plums etc.

* A 40g serving (4 tablespoons) of Sustagen Adults + provides 29% of the daily iron requirement.

Sustagen Adults + Chocolate Photo: Disclosure
Sustagen Adults + Chocolate Photo: Disclosure

– Calcium

Calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth, preventing problems such as fractures and osteoporosis – most common after 50 years of age. Another notable function of this mineral is to stabilize heart rate and blood pressure. It also helps the body to transmit nerve impulses, contract muscles, clot blood, activate enzyme and hormonal systems.

Calcium-rich foods: milk, yogurt, cheeses and other derivatives, as well as canned sardines, Brazil nuts, almonds, peanuts and tofu. * A 40g serving (4 tablespoons) of Sustagen Adults + provides 34% daily requirement for calcium.

Sustagen Adults + and Sustagen Adults + Fit are no substitute for healthy and balanced food. Its consumption must be associated with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits. Always consult a doctor or nutritionist. GLUTEN-FREE.

* Contains sugars specific to the ingredients. This is not a low food or reduced in energy value.

** 28% less calories compared to Sustagen Adults +


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