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THEThe municipalities with the highest agricultural production value in the country have, on average, a high share of their agricultural Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the total GDP of the municipality. For the 50 considered richest in terms of production value, the average share of agro GDP in the total GDP is 36.8%, while for Brazil this share was 5.4%. Most of these municipalities are located in Mato Grosso, Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul and Bahia.

The conclusion is a technical note from the General Coordination for Policy and Information Evaluation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), based on data from the Municipal Agricultural Research (PAM) and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), both from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

For Sapezal (MT), leader in cotton production, the agro GDP in relation to the municipality’s GDP is 54.5%; for São Desiderio (BA), cotton leader in Bahia, the share of GDP is 66.5%. For Diamantino (MT), is 54.3%, and in Formosa do Rio Preto, the participation is 64.0%.

The average production value of the 50 municipalities with the highest production value is R $ 1.521 billion. In this group of municipalities, the highest values ​​are observed in Sorriso (MT) R $ 3.946 billion, Sapezal (MT) R $ 3.338 billion, São Desiderio (BA) R $ 3.183 billion, Campo Novo dos Parecis (MT) R $ 3.055 billion , Rio Verde (GO) R $ 2.578 billion and Cristalina (GO) R $ 3.338 billion.

According to the Municipal Agricultural Survey, the production value of the main agricultural crops in the country reached R $ 361 billion in 2019, surpassing the record achieved in the previous year by 5.1%. Corn, cotton and sugar cane were the main products that influenced this growth.

According to IBGE, of the 50 municipalities with the highest agricultural production value in the country, 22 municipalities are located in Mato Grosso, six in Goiás, six in Mato Grosso do Sul and six in Bahia.

The municipalities that lead the production of soybeans and corn, in their majority, also appear in the first positions of generation of value of the herbaceous cotton. These are, characteristically, the municipalities that also lead the productivity levels.

Mato Grosso stands out in the country’s agricultural production

Sorriso, in Mato Grosso, is the Brazilian municipality with the highest value of agricultural production. Standing out in the production of corn and soybeans, it totaled a production value of R $ 3.9 billion and accounted, alone, for 1.1% of the national total. In addition to Sorriso, 21 municipalities in Mato Grosso are in the ranking of the highest production values ​​of 2019. They generated, together, R $ 37.1 billion. Goiás, Bahia and Mato Grosso do Sul, appear with six municipalities each.

Other prominent cities in soy production were Formosa do Rio Preto and São Desidério, in Bahia. In the previous year, São Desidério was the soybean producing city with the highest production value in Brazil.

Morro Agudo, in São Paulo, stands out in the production of sugar cane. The planting of this crop generated, in the municipality, a production value of R $ 571.7 million. Nova Alvorada do Sul, in Mato Grosso do Sul, and Mineiros, in Goiás, are also among the cities that generated higher production value with this planting.

Coffee, which was once the main export product in the country, is one of the highlights of Minas Gerais. Despite the 21.4% drop in production volume, the state was responsible for 70.6% of all Arabica coffee in Brazil, reaching 1.5 million tons. Patrocínio, a city in the state of Minas Gerais, led the value of coffee beans production, with R $ 387.9 million, and was followed by Rio Bananal and Linhares, both in Espírito Santo.

The leading states in the value of production in 2019:

Federation Units

Production value (Thousand Reais)


Mato Grosso


Sao Paulo


Rio Grande do Sul




Minas Gerais






Mato Grosso do Sul




Santa Catarina


Source: IBGE, Municipal Agricultural Production, 2019.

Leading municipalities in production value in 2019:

1. Smile (MT); 2.Sapezal (MT); 3. São Desidério (BA); 4. Campo Novo do Parecis (MT); 5. Rio Verde (GO); 6.Crystalline (GO); 7.Jataí (GO); 8. Diamantino (MT); 9. Nova Ubiratã (MT); 10. Nova Mutum (MT); 11. Formosa do Rio Preto (BA); 12. Campo Verde (MT); 13. Primavera do Leste (MT); 14. Maracaju (MS); 15. Petrolina (PE); 16. Lucas do Rio Verde (MT); 17. Campos de Júlio ((MT); 18. Sidrolândia (MS); 19. Barreiras (BA); 20. Ponta Porã (MS); 21. Unaí (MG); 22. Itiquira (MT); 23. Paranatinga ( MT), 24. Querência (MT), 25. Itapeva (SP), 26. Mineiros (GO), 26. Canarana (MT), 28. Luis Eduardo Magalhães (BA), 29. Brasnorte (MT), 30. Rio Brilhante (MS); 31. Correntina (BA); 32. Ipiranga do Norte (MT); 33. Dourados (MS); 34. Uberaba (MG); 35. Chapadão do Céu (GO); 36. Tapurah (MT) ; 37. São Félix do Araguaia (MT); 38. Paracatu (MG); 39. Balsas (MA); 40. Tasso Fragoso (MA); 41. Costa Rica (MS); 42. Porto dos Gaúchos (MT); 43. Baixa Grande do Ribeiro (PI), 44. Brasília (DF), 45. Montividiu (GO), 46. Igarapé-Miri (PA), 47. Sinop (MT), 48. Gaúcha do Norte (MT), 49 Riachão das Neves (BA), 50. Santa Rita do Trivelato (MT).


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