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Discounts are everywhere, and after we’ve seen here which games are discounted on PlayStation Store, now it’s time to see what discounts Steam has reserved for players. After all, promotions in the order of 75% and 80% had been spoken of recently. And the platform did exactly what it said.

That said, some of the games included in this list of discounts are quite well known. Even NBA 2K21 (practically new to the market) is around here in the middle.

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PC games

Therefore, we know that in addition to all the discounts that we will show you here below. Steam is still lowering prices for SEGA games. In an attempt to honor the company that completes its 60 years of existence. But let’s get to the point:

  • Persona 4 Golden: previously it cost € 19.99 and now it costs € 15.99.
  • Bayonetta: before it cost € 10.99 and now it costs € 4.99.
  • LA Noire Complete Edition: before it cost € 29.99 and oats cost € 8.99.
  • Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition: previously it cost € 29.99 and now it costs € 9.89.
  • Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed: previously it cost € 19.99 and now it costs € 4.99.
  • NBA 2K21: before it cost 59.99 € and now it costs 38.99 €.
  • The Banner Saga 3: previously it was € 24.99 and now it is € 8.74.
  • Peaky Blinders Mastermind: previously it was € 24.99 and now it is € 16.74.
  • Alien Isolation: previously it cost € 36.99 and now it costs € 9.24.
  • Postcard 2: before it cost € 9.99 and now it costs € 0.99.

PC games

In short, these are some of the discounts available on PC games on Steam. And they can certainly contribute to increasing your list of games in the library. So don’t waste any more time and keep in mind that the discounts will only last until the 18th of October.

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