Doctor’s Day: Images of Covid-19’s dead will be projected on SP building – Brazil



Photos projected on SP building: tribute to doctors who died by Covid-19

On this 18th of October, when the Doctor’s Day is celebrated, the former headquarters of the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of São Paulo (Cremesp) will become the stage for a great tribute. At night, the building’s gable, located at Rua da Consolação 753, will serve as a screen for the projection of images of doctors who died as a result of Covid-19.

There will be dozens of photos enlarged to a gigantic size to remember about 40 doctors who died during the pandemic:

“Since the beginning of pandemic
, Cremesp has been emphasizing the role of doctors. Getting the number of victims and infected, however, has not been an easy task. The council then decided to make a call on their social networks for family members and legal representatives of these professionals to send photos for this tribute “, explains Edoardo Vattimo, counselor of the Creams

In June, a similar action had already been taken, but with the projection of photos of doctors who are on the front line. A video with this tribute was released on social networks.

The actions are part of a campaign created by the agency Africa, which also includes thanking the doctors who remain working on the front line against new coronavirus
, with video and messages on social networks and on the council’s website.

For doctor Irene Abramovich, president of Cremesp, the Covid-19 pandemic is a milestone in the history of medicine.

“We have never been so seen before. Our oath was known by the population in practice, in the most tumultuous daily life in the face of so many uncertainties and with all the obstacles we face, even before the pandemic
arrive, often in working conditions that leave something to be desired, but that do not make us give up life at any time “.


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