Does Mariano have a girlfriend outside of reality? Singer team responds


Does Mariano have a girlfriend outside of reality? Singer’s advice responds

Biel has already accused Mariano of being with Jakelyne in A Fazenda 12 for convenience, according to the funker, Mariano has someone outside the reality show, but the backcountry team denies it.

Mariano’s staff denied that the The Farm 12 has a relationship outside the program. The hypothesis was raised by Biel and some media outlets. Understand:

Does Mariano have a girlfriend outside of Fazenda 12?

The week Biel and Mariano fought in The Farm 12, after the sertanejo vetoed the confinement fellow of the Farmer’s Test of the week, the funkeiro made revelations about the singer. According to Biel, Mariano has a girlfriend outside the rural reality show. The funker also said that Mariano and Jakelyne are together for convenience and advantage in the game.

“They are together because it is convenient. Mariano already told me that someone is out there. Just give the masks time to fall. People die by the mouth ”, fired the participant of The Farm 12.


Singer’s advice denied

Mariano’s team denied rumors about a girlfriend out of The Farm 12. On Instagram, the official profile of the singer rebutted an article made by journalist Leo Dias about Nathalia Midory, who according to the columnist, has a relationship with Mariano.

“This is Nathalia, a friend of the family. Very close to everyone who loves Mariano. But you are quite wrong on some issues. There is no dating or romance between them. Mariano is single and did not have to ‘leave’ anyone to enter the reality ”, wrote the official profile of the participant of The Farm 12.

Mariano’s pair criticized journalist

Munhoz, Mariano’s duo in the sertanejo, also disagreed with the information published by the columnist. In the same publication in which the participant’s team The Farm 12 he denied any romantic involvement between Mariano and Nathália, the sertanejo commented: “I wanted to understand why I let out a news about this young man, she is our childhood friend, she saw our career begin, you only live on these false stories wanting to cause”.

Image in which the duo and advice of the pawn of A Fazenda 12 deny loving involvement outside the house
Photo: Playback / Instagram


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