Dog picked up owner detained at police station for drilling curfew


Usually, someone detained by the police for a minor offense expects a family member or lawyer to come to the police station to post bail and release him. But in the case of this man who lives in the Dominican Republic, the rescue came in an unusual way.

This week, the man was arrested and taken to a police station for breaking the curfew instituted in his city about a month ago, as a measure of pandemic control. While he was still waiting, handcuffed, in the entrance hall of the police station, his help arrived and surprised the police who were handling the case. The man’s dog joined them and stood beside the owner.

The dog’s charisma, as well as its evident attachment to the owner, made the police change their minds and the pet’s tutor was able to go home with him.

“Do you know why I’m going to let him go? Because that dog came and told me the man was his,” said police chief José Francisco De La Cruz Mercedes in a video recorded at the time. “This is the first time that I have given a prisoner to a dog.”

The man and the dog left the police station celebrating.


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