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Earlier this week, President Donald Trump (74) was confirmed infected with the coronavirus. The news has sent shock waves through the political United States, and many have questioned how the country should be governed if he becomes seriously ill.

Fortunately, it seems that, depending on the circumstances, the president is doing well. Last night, his daughter Ivanka shared a picture of him from the hospital, where he looked relatively healthy and fit.

IVANA TRUMP: President Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana, takes credit for her ex – husband’s Twitter use. – He still asks me for advice, she says in an interview with CBS. Video: CBS via CNN
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However, anything can still happen. The president himself has stated that “the coming days will be the real test”. Now his ex-wife, Ivana Trump (71), speaks about the case. She is not surprised that her ex-husband has now been diagnosed with a virus infection.

– Did not feel so good

– Careless

It is in an interview with People that the president’s ex-wife is now talking about the sensational situation.

– It’s a difficult time. It’s stressful. I have talked to all my children, and they are obviously worried, she says, referring to the three children she and the president had during their marriage – Donald jr., Eric and Ivanka.

– STRESSING: Ivana Trump says she is still in shock after the virus message. Photo: Ken McKay / ITV / REX, NTB
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The former model tells the magazine that she is still in shock over the news, especially because she thinks he is clean of himself. She admits that he may not be the healthiest person, and that “his biggest weakness is the Big Mac”, but that he has been good at washing hands.

Still, she is not directly surprised. The president has long refused to wear a face mask, and has not always kept his distance from either colleagues or political supporters. The ex-wife has got it.

That's why she's single

That’s why she’s single

– He was careless. He did not think this was going to happen to him, she explains.

She does not want to share any more personal information about how her ex-husband is doing now. She receives updates from the children daily, and wishes the president a good recovery,

– But who has any idea what might happen. I do not know anything about this virus, and no one knows how to cure it, she says.

At the same time, Ivana Trump adds that she is absolutely certain that her ex-husband will emerge victorious from the election in November, and that he thus secures four new years in the White House.

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Thrives as a single

The president and the Czech-born businesswoman married in 1977 and held together until 1992.

As the wife of the eccentric billionaire Donald Trump, she quickly became one of the most famous and talked about wives in the New York public. After the divorce, she largely withdrew from the limelight, but the break-up did not scare Ivana at all from focusing on love again.

INFECTED: US First Lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday, October 2nd. In a message on Twitter, she now thanks for all the support.
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In total, she has four marriages behind her. Her last relationship ended last summer, and she is now enjoying her time as a single.

On a visit to “Loose Women” earlier this year, she revealed, among other things, that she has many male friends, but that she is not looking for love during the day. She often takes these friends to a restaurant or the opera with her, but it is only for the company’s sake, she claims.

- Should stick to playing golf

– Should stick to playing golf

– But I like to go where I want, so I’m not really looking, she said, and emphasized that she likes life as free, independent and well-off.

While she is single, her ex-husband is known to be remarried – to Melania Trump. She clearly states that she would rather not talk about the first lady in the interview, and describes the ex’s wife as “quiet” and “invisible”.


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