Donald Trump says he will be discharged in the next few hours | Coronavirus


U.S. President Donald Trump has revealed that he will leave Walter Reed Military Hospital this Monday, where he was admitted three days earlier. He says he feels good, “better than in the last twenty years”, but his departure leaves many doubts.

“I feel really good! Don’t be afraid of covid. Do not let it dominate your life. We have developed, within the Trump Administration, great medicines and knowledge. I feel better than I did twenty years ago! ”Wrote Trump on Twitter, just minutes before his medical team’s press conference. Trump says he will leave the hospital at 6:30 pm (11:30 pm in mainland Portugal).

Trump began the fourth day of hospitalization at Walter Reed Military Hospital to make furious appeals to vote on Twitter, and in large letters: “Space Force: vote!”, “Pro-life! Vote ”and other messages like that. But the big suspense of the day was whether, despite being with covid-19, he would be allowed to leave the health unit where US Armed Forces veterans are treated to continue treating at the White House, or another property of his.

Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, had previously revealed that the U.S. President could leave the hospital this Monday – as White House doctor Sean Conley suggested. Although this idea was met with astonishment, or disbelief, because at the same time he acknowledged that Donald Trump’s condition was worse than he had previously admitted.

Conley said that the President had a high fever on Friday morning, and had to receive oxygenafter the measured blood levels have dropped. They would have fallen again on Saturday, but the doctor did not say whether it was necessary to use oxygen again. On the other hand, it did not provide details about the CT scans to Trump’s lungs – to understand whether or not it has the form of pneumonia characteristic of covid-19. When questioned directly, he disagreed.

Questions about treatments

At the same time, the President, 74 years old, obese and with some cardiovascular problems – all risk factors for covid-19 – is being treated with dexamethasone, a corticosteroid whose use is only recommended in the most severe cases of the disease, for contain the inflammatory response that turns out to be harmful to the body. In less severe cases, they can prevent the immune system from fighting the virus.

In addition, Donald Trump is taking the antiviral remdesivir intravenously (an experimental drug that had an emergency clearance because it shortens the illness episode in the most serious cases) and a cocktail monoclonal antibodies still in development.

Either Trump is more sick than is being revealed, or he is being treated in an overly aggressive way, which goes far beyond what is recommended. Either hypothesis is worrying. There are doctors who openly discuss the possibility that Sean Conley is being pressured by his patient to make therapeutic decisions that are not the right ones.

Despite this, Donald Trump took a car march on Saturday night, to greet the crowd of supporters who gather at the hospital, dancing, singing, making the horns and music sound loudly to wish health and “eight more years ”in the presidency to his idol, as described by Washington Post. The example he gave is that it doesn’t hurt to leave home when you are sick with covid-19, the doctor at Walter Reed Hospital said on Twitter. “It’s the wrong message.”

But despite the obvious anxiety to show that the President of the United States is improving rapidly, it will be necessary to wait at least ten days for the symptoms to begin to pass. if there are no complications, Vox Jen Manne-Goehler, an infectious disease specialist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, told the website. “If the White House calendar is correct, and the infection started to show symptoms on Friday, we can point to October 11th. Until now, it will be a roller coaster ”, said Manne-Goehler.

However, there are those closest to Donald Trump who are testing positive for the new coronavirus: this Monday was the White House press officer, Kayleigh McEnany. The announcement was made by Twitter itself. “I have been consistently negative, every day, since Thursday. This Monday, I tested positive, although I have no symptoms of infection. ”

The White House spokeswoman added that none of the journalists who regularly cover the activity of the President of the United States can be considered a close contact. according to the White House medical unit’s assessment.


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