‘Don’t score with D10S’


After defeat 1-0 by Barcelona to Getafe, this Saturday, by LaLiga, the Catalan press simply destroyed the performance of striker Antoine Griezmann.

The newspapers Sports world e Sport highlighted that he acted as “false 9”, just as he had asked coach Ronald Koeman, since he plays for France.

However, “Diabo Loiro” returned to show little intensity and, in the rare times that he managed to get rid of the mark, he lost incredible chances in the face of the goal.

No wonder, he got a note 3 from the newspaper Sport, who called his situation at Barça “indefensible”.

“He asked to play away from the side and Koeman granted him the position of ‘false 9’. But he did not participate much in the game and, when he did, it was to ask for a clear chance. He even showed his willingness, that is not discussed, solve the problems. On the contrary: it has become a problem “, he fired.

According to the analysis of Sports world, Griezmann sins in “everything” when he is on the field for culés.

“Barcelona missed Griezmann’s effective participation, more attention to second balls and more pressure on defenders’ ball output. He did not do well against Getafe as a ‘fake 9’ and was replaced by Trincão on 35 in the 2nd half. Now, it remains to be seen whether Koeman will make him play as a forward again, whether he will keep him as a central attacker or put him on the bench … “, he said.

And, in his post-game column, journalist Xavier Ortuño, from Sport, stressed that Messi “sacrificed” for Griezmann, leaving the Frenchman to play in his favorite position. However, the “Blond Devil” did not even manage to take the chance to take out the “zica”.

“Griezmann does not score goals even with the help of D10S“, quipped Ortuño, remembering Messi’s nickname.


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