Drama in “Terra Brava”: Beatriz feels bad and is hospitalized urgently


Tired of seeing Beatriz ignoring him, the military man makes a radical decision: to leave Vila Brava. And the moment I reveal it to you will be anything but easy.

Everything happens when the teacher is packing the material of the hippotherapy classes and he enters without being seen. When he turns around, he comes face to face with his ex-boyfriend. Diogo asks you for a minute. “I already gave you too much time”, complains the girl. “I accepted a job offer and I’m going to leave Vila Brava”announces Carlos’ son. Beatriz swallows hard and has no answer. He explains himself: I am not leaving to forget you, because I know this is impossible, but for you to forget. So that you can be well. I want you to know that you were the best thing that happened to me and that I could go back, until that day when I was abducted… ”, says, completing, in difficulty: “I told Rodrigo not to come back to take revenge, but to come back for you”. The teacher tears her eyes, but holds on tight:
“Too late. What you have done cannot be erased ”, announces. “I know I don’t, that’s why I’m leaving”he continues, extending his hand to throw a party at her, but she walks away. Feels bad, but disguises.

When the military man is turning his back to leave, Beatriz is dizzy. When he leaves, he hears the noise of things falling and turns around, seeing his beloved passed out. Run to her in a panic. When she realizes that something is happening, she immediately takes her to the hospital.

I cannot lose my baby ”

Upon arriving at the health unit, Diogo little Eduarda’s daughter on a stretcher. Carla asks questions, worried. “She passed out, do anything!”, Tiago’s brother pleads, devastated. Suddenly Olga arrives and Beatriz wakes up, stunned. “My baby, doctor! Is my baby okay? I cannot lose it ”. The military man, who is far from imagining that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant, is shocked by the revelation.

Not knowing what to think, he faces her. “Talk to me, are you pregnant?”, he asks. Beatriz asks Carla to get her out of there and Diogo asks the nurse if his ex-girlfriend is going to be a mother. Embarrassed, Xana’s mother asks her to leave: “Diogo, you have to go. You have to let us take care of Beatriz ”. The doctor asks for an ultrasound and several tests and pushes the patient’s stretcher. Diogo goes after her: “We are going to have a child, is that it?”he asks. Tiago’s ex-wife turns her face away. She doesn’t want to face him. “You can talk later, now the important thing is to know how Beatriz is doing. Come on, Carla ”, confident Olga.

Diogo feels completely imposing and still insists on talking to Carla. “I have a right to know”he screams. But the nurse does not listen to him and concentrates on Beatriz leaving him behind, stunned.


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