Drama when Magnus Carlsen won again


Magnus Carlsen won in armageddon against Fabiano Caruana.

Magnus Carlsen after Norway Chess Day 6, October. Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB.

Magnus Carlsen first saved a draw before he went to Armageddon. There was a new draw victory since Carlsen had black pieces. Black pieces and a draw in armageddon means victory with the regulations that apply in this year’s tournament in Stavanger.

With 13.5 points in total after seven rounds played, Carlsen is number two in the tournament with three rounds left. 17-year-old Alireza Firouzja leads with 14.5 points.

Carlsen last won against Fabiano Caruana on Thursday, after the two had played exclusively a draw in long chess since 2018.

In Monday’s second match between the two in this year’s Norway Chess, it was Caruana who opened best.

Magnus thought that the preparations had changed once again.

– I become like a dyslexic when I see the different positions. I can not put them together, Carlsen said in the writing room of TV 2.

After the match, Carlsen said that it ended well enough.

– It was a bit coincidental that it held. I felt that the defense became quite a lot easier over time. It was a good defense combined with a little luck, Carlsen told TV 2.

He said that he also wanted to play for victory, but that time was too short.

– It did not look completely realistic with so little time left.


The chess computers believed that there was a 35 percent chance of victory for Caruana after 21 moves. In addition, Fabiano Caruana had over an hour more left on the watch than Carlsen.

On Saturday, the Norwegian lost for the first time in 125 matches in long chess when the Pole Jan-Krzysztof became too strong.

It is rare that Carlsen loses in long jump. This has happened only three times in 174 parties over the last three years. He defended very well with the black pieces on Monday night as well, and after 33 moves the position was equalized.

In move 40, it ended with a draw repetition and a draw. Thus, it had to be decided in Armageddon. Carlsen had full control there

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Jan-Krzysztof Duda’s games have varied greatly in Norway Chess. Against Aryan Tari in white, it was a clear victory without the Norwegian really having any chance.

In Monday’s final match between Alireza Firouzja, Fide (Iran) and Levon Aronian (Armenia), it also ended in a draw and subsequent armageddon. The young boy from Iran won there after levon Aronian ran out of time.

Norway Chess is in its seventh year as a tournament for the ultimate elite. Carlsen has twice before won the combined title (2016 and 2019).


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