Dreams arrives at the University, for a postgraduate degree in Game Design


It was visible to everyone, we said it when we published our analysis of the Media Molecule game, which more than stimulating and challenging experiences, works as an incredible Game Design tool, from the various levels, from the introduction to more advanced techniques for the production of games and experiences where only creativity is a limiting factor.

Born from a partnership between IADE and Media Molecule, with the support of Sony Interactive Entertainment Portugal in the scope of the PlayStation Talents initiative, the program will make Dreams available to students of the Graduate Program in Game Design at IADE (Faculty of Design, Technology and Communication at the European University).

The new course will start in December, after working hours, between one and two days a week, being the first Post-Graduation in Game Design that has Dreams as a development platform in its academic program, with the objective of boosting university education. specializes in the development of video games, giving university students access to PlayStation’s own platforms.

“The new Post-Graduation is intended for students of undergraduate courses related to the development of video games, computer science, audiovisual, multimedia, arts and design and to professionals in the creative areas who wish to develop and deepen their knowledge and skills in the area of Game Design. “

“The objective is to form excellent assets to integrate the global video game market through the teaching of methodologies and the creation of playable prototypes, with permanent monitoring by some of the best specialists and most experienced game designers in the industry.” It can be read in the PlayStation press release.

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