Dubai inaugurates the largest fountain in the world, recognized by Guinness – 23/10/2020


The Guinness book announced on Thursday (22) the record for the largest source in the world in Dubai, when the emirate tries to recover its tourism, affected by the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

The 1,335 square meter “Palm Fountain” is located on Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island located in the waters of Dubai.

“The Guinness Book of Records is proud to announce that the ‘Palm Fountain’ has surpassed the record for the world’s largest fountain,” Shaddy Gaad, the book’s commercial director, announced in a statement.

“This fountain is an example of a new masterpiece” in Dubai, he added.

Spectators wearing masks to respect the sanitary measures of the covid-19 pandemic gathered to admire the font changing color to the rhythm of the music.

Very touristy, the emirate received more than 16 million visitors last year and expected to receive 20 million in 2020, before being severely affected by the pandemic.


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