Duda Reis makes a sincere outburst and criticizes the family’s attitude: ‘I don’t have any more psychological for all this’


This last Saturday, 10/24, Duda Reis used her social media profile to comment on the controversy surrounding her fiance’s name, Nego do Borel, after the singer shares clicks next to Anitta.

The actress commented on a publication by Rainha Matos, in which the profile talked about the reaction of Simone e Luiz Fernando Barreiros, country of Duda.

“People who ask for respect, but don’t respect anything… will understand. If they didn’t want to go through this, they wouldn’t do what they do with their daughter and try to solve between four walls, dirty laundry washes at home. I find that inelegant and disrespectful. Tired of being exposed like that and some people romanticize it, never think about the mental health of others ”she lamented.

Then he continued: “My side, as always, seeking peace and trying to be as thoughtful as possible, but there is no way. I can’t see it as “love”, but as narcissism and ego. Please respect me as a woman and respect my decisions, I am too happy and planning my future with the one I love ”.

Finally, Duda concluded: “I don’t need to justify anything to anyone and I really don’t want opinions, let alone offenses. I am a good girl, educated, respectful, enough. I don’t have any more psychological for all of this, and nobody wants to know about it. When people manage to kill the public figures here, they will settle down and remember the yellow September. I hope it’s not too late… ”.


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