Due to the pandemic, new restrictions are imposed in England – International


LONDON – A new scale with three alert levels for the covid-19 enters into force this Wednesday, 14, at England. The region of Liverpoolin the northwest is the most affected by the spread of the coronavirus.

Most of England is at the lowest level of this scale, which prohibits meetings with more than six people and closes hostel facilities after 10 pm. Level two prevents any encounter between people who do not live under the same roof.

The third level, of greater alertness, also requires the closing of bars and pubs. It is recommended not to enter or leave these areas of greatest restriction, as is the case with Liverpool. Government health officials are due to meet on Wednesday to decide whether other areas in northern England, such as Greater Manchester, Lancashire and other areas, should enter level three.

The greatest number of infections are occurring in central and northern England, while the rest of the country – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – also have different types of restrictions, such as the closing of bars.

Central Scotland’s pubs and restaurants are expected to be closed until 25 October. Wales has similar restrictions. In Northern Ireland, schools will close for a few weeks starting next Monday.

The new measures announced on Monday by British Prime Minister Conservative Boris Johnson were criticized by opposition Labor leader Keir Starmer, who last night called for a two-week temporary confinement at national level to contain the spread. of covid-19.

At a news conference, Starmer accused the prime minister of “losing control” of the virus and of failing to follow the recommendation of scientific experts, who three weeks ago asked him to apply more drastic measures to contain the disease.

According to the latest official data, 143 people died of covid-19 in the UK on the last day and 17,234 new infections were reported./EFE


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