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Easy for you to say, Trump

– Do not let Covid-19 dominate your life, writes an active Trump who feels better than in 20 years.

This is a comment. The comment expresses the writer’s attitude

Donald Trump is on his way home from hospital after receiving an experimental medicine that fewer than ten others in the world have received, apart from clinical tests.

– Do not be afraid of corona, the president writes on Twitter.

During his sick leave, he has learned a lot about covid, according to a video he posted on Twitter. This is the school of life, and not the school where you read up on things, said the president, who promised to tell a lot about this in the future.

Lesson number one might be that corona is not that dangerous. – Do not let the corona control your life, writes Trump, who has started tweeting very frequently again.

But none of the more than seven million infected Americans have been offered the cold table of medication that the president has received.

Not that it’s particularly strange that the world’s most powerful man receives VIP treatment. But even though he is 74 years old and overweight, many others than him probably have even more reason to fear corona.

In the United States, more than 210,000 people have died from the virus. A report from the state of New York claims that 4,000 children have lost a mother or father. People are also struggling to pay their rent and get a job. In countries where there is no comprehensive welfare state, sick pay and unemployment benefits, it is of course extra serious to become ill.

Trump’s optimistic message is unlikely to resonate with those who cannot afford to be quarantined. Or those who can not afford to take a test.

He himself, on the other hand, gets the world’s best medical care with him home. One may ask why he should be admitted at all, since the White House is on a par with a hospital.

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But his manpowered corps of doctors, led by someone who was originally an osteopath, says Trump is not “out of the woods” yet.

And if it is so unfortunate to become seriously ill, it takes an average of just over a week from the onset of symptoms to hospitalization. For the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, it was home office in week one, while the admission came in week two.

Then, of course, the most common thing is to get well by yourself. When Trump ended up in the hospital, it could be either because he became very ill or just because he is the president.

That he had trouble breathing already the first day with symptoms is unusual and leads to questions. Has he been sick longer? Has he not tested himself? Does he have pneumonia? And why did doctors start an immunosuppressive medication so early?

But his doctor will not say much about this, nor does he say when Trump last had a negative test.

Then it is asked what the doctor can say then. Both he and Trump may have been more anxious than they say.

To say that one should not be afraid of corona, after receiving care from the world’s best doctors and in the world’s best hospitals, is insensitive.

But this is perhaps in reality self-comfort. Do not be afraid! For it is highly understandable whether Donald Trump still fears Covid-19.

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