EC study identifies people who fell ill twice by Covid |


Cases studied have characteristics compatible with recurrence, originating from the same infection

Researchers from Ceará identified 12 cases of people who fell ill twice a year Covid-19, disease caused by the new coronavirus. The study is conducted by the Secretary of Health of Ceará, Fiocruz, and the University of Fortaleza (Unifor).

One of those responsible for the research, the infectious disease specialist at Hospital São José, Keny Colares, reports that the study began after some people began to inform health authorities that they were experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 for the second time.

“People who had had the symptom in March and April, the test had been positive and had been good. In late May, early June, these people started having symptoms again. We saw that there were similar cases reported, the most important of them, registered in China, where they found five cases among a group of about 90 individuals. The first technical note came out in July, reporting six cases with these characteristics. We are concluding a note extending these cases to 12 cases ”, he revealed.

Keny Colares explains that the cases studied have characteristics compatible with the recurrence, originating from the same infection – which is when the person has the disease, improves, and returns to show symptoms.

The infectologist highlights that the group will deepen the studies to find out if this new manifestation of the disease was in reality a reinfection. In this case, the person was cured, had new contact with the virus and became infected again. This week, one such case was confirmed in the United States.

“What is published there in the literature, the virus material from the first infection and the second infection was studied, comparing the genetic code of these two viruses showing that it was different viruses. The person has probably become infected again and is being called reinfection. In our cases, we may not be able to prove whether it is reinfection because we have not yet been able to carry out these tests to study the genome of these viruses. We are looking to collect this material to be able to do it ”, he explained.

The Ceará Department of Health is still investigating the situation of 160 people from different regions of Ceará who tested positive for Covid-19 twice. The cases are patients who underwent two RT-PCR tests with a difference of 21 days or more and had a positive result for the disease in both.

For the doctor, the main lesson for this moment – still with many uncertainties – is that we must maintain care to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus.

In September, the article on Covid-19 Recurrent Clinical Symptoms in the first six cases analyzed by researchers from Ceará was among the ten most prominent studies on the Covid Reference website.


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