Eight out of ten paulistanos are against going back to face-to-face classes


Eight out of ten paulistanos are against the return of face-to-face classes still in 2020, according to the Ibope /TV Globo/Estadão on the elections for City Hall and other topics of the moment. Ibope asked the 1,001 respondents the following question: “The Education Department has been discussing a possible return to school this year. Are you for or against?” Only 17% responded in favor, and 81%, against. Among women, 84% were against, and 15% in favor.

Because of the covid-19 pandemic, classes in São Paulo have been suspended since March. Earlier this month, Mayor Bruno Covas (PSDB) authorized the opening of public and private schools only for extracurricular activities. The return of regular classes in the capital is scheduled for November 3, but the date has not yet been confirmed. Covas awaits results of a battery of tests with teachers and students to see how many already have antibodies against the new coronavirus.

Ibope also asked what would be the main factors of insecurity in case of back to school. Respondents were able to give more than one answer. The item “lack of structure in schools to deal with the pandemic” was mentioned by 60%, and ranked first in the ranking. Next came “crowds of students in one place” and “children have no idea how to take care of themselves”. There were also references to risks in transport and fears of damage to students’ learning.

Educators point out that the long period in which children and adolescents are away from school can increase the learning deficit and dropout rates. There are still doubts, however, about the risk involved in the reopening of schools to advance the transmission of the disease.

In the electoral part of the survey, Ibope found that Celso Russomanno (Republicans) and Bruno Covas (PSDB) are technically tied in the dispute for the City of São Paulo, with 25% and 22% of the voting intentions, respectively. Next are Guilherme Boulos (PSOL), with 10%, and Márcio França (PSB), with 7%.

In comparison with the previous survey, published two weeks ago, the two leaders only wavered within the margin of error, which is up to three percentage points more or less, but the distance between the deputy and TV presenter and the current mayor capital increased from five to three percentage points.

Among the other candidates, Jilmar Tatto (PT) went from 1% to 4%. Artur do Val, known as Mamãe Falei (Patriota), fluctuated from 1% to 2%. The other competitors were left with 1% or less.

The survey was conducted between October 13 and 15, 2020, with 1,001 voters The interviews were conducted in person – because of the covid-19 pandemic, the Ibope team used equipment to protect their own health and that of the interviewees . The confidence level used is 95%. This means that there is a 95% probability that the results will reflect the current electoral moment, considering the margin of error. The survey was registered with the Regional Electoral Court under protocol SP-01432/2020.


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