Elderly will be able to withdraw medications with private prescription in SUS of Brusque


The City Council of Brusque approved, in a second discussion and vote, the bill 86/2019, which obliges the City to accept medical prescriptions issued in the private network for the withdrawal of medicines via the Unified Health System (SUS) to the elderly. The proposal was authored by Councilman Celso Carlos Emídio da Silva, from Democrats, and received a unanimous vote for approval.

According to the councilman, the law establishes that people who present medical prescriptions issued by private doctors, insured or cooperated with health plans will be benefited. For him, the measure to meet what already provides as the Elderly Statute.

“It is based on the Statute of the Elderly, on law 10.741, on the Federal Constitution itself, on its article 196, which guarantees universal and equal access to health, aiming at its promotion and recovery, as well as law 8,080, that health is a everyone’s right and duty of the State ”, he highlighted.

The Constitution, Legislation and Drafting Committee issued an opinion pointing out that the proposal has an origin defect, as it implies costs for the Executive. However, all councilors voted in favor, approving the bill.


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