Elderly woman discharged after spending 70 days in hospital for Covid-19


João Paulo de Brito
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In the midst of so many sad cases that happened during the Covid-19 pandemic, the story of Dona Agustinha, 65 years old, is the example that society needs in order not to discredit this complicated moment and continue with the hope of better days. In all, she spent about 70 days in the Military Police Hospital and the Regional Hospital of Asa Norte (HRAN). This history of overcoming was only possible thanks to the work carried out by the teams of doctors Cláudio Vitti and André Luiz Branquinho.

Or case

Ms. Agustinha Januária Siqueira de Oliveira was admitted to HRAN, on 08/10, after presenting the respiratory failure secondary to Covid-19. Three days later, the elderly woman was referred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the place. Of the 70 days she was hospitalized, she had to use respirators in 46 of them.

The executive director of the Associação Saúde em Movimento (ASM), an institution that manages the Military Police Field Hospital (HCPM), Cláudio Vitti, says that in the days following Dona Agustinha’s hospitalization, her clinical condition evolved to kidney dysfunction and an associated bacterial infection. The doctor points out that her health situation only improved after October, when she no longer needed to use respirators.


“At the beginning of the month, the general clinical picture was improving, and we already imagined a future discharge. And thanks to the support of the entire multidisciplinary team. It is important to stress the role that the sectors of nursing, physiotherapy and speech therapists played in helping to anticipate the date. And today, we had this miracle, ”says the doctor.

According to Dr. Cláudio Vitti, recovery in this type of case is not so common, but anything is possible. “A rise like Dona Agustinha’s shows that nothing in medicine is certain. Not with so many adversities and known prognoses, with a quality of care, a multidisciplinary team (perhaps the main factor for this achievement) and the faith of family members. It is possible to obtain great results and to thank the gift of life ”.

Upon receiving the medical discharge, on Friday, the lady said goodbye to the place in the midst of singing and thanks that touched the people who were present at the hospital.

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