Elderly woman with Alzheimer’s suffers neglect in treatment and dies at Unimed


– Interned since September 29 in treatment against Covid-19, the elderly Mariza Collares Azevedo, 95 years old, died last Thursday (15) after health neglect at the Hospital da Unimed, located in the Center-South Zone Manaus, according to information from family members.

According to her grandson Hamilton Azevedo, on her arrival at the hospital she was lucid, just having difficulty breathing. After admission, the patient’s condition began to worsen. For him, the service offered by the hospital is precarious and does not meet the needs of patients.

“She was admitted, on September 29, with the medical order of need for 2L of oxygen. Upon arrival, she was fine, lucid, just having difficulty breathing, did the standard procedure and referred for admission. I spent 13h waiting for a doctor to prescribe a medicine, my grandmother was already bad, but the hospital attendance only made the situation worse, it is chaos, everyone gets overwhelmed, and people are increasingly sick, it is unfortunate ”, she reports.

Dona Marilza’s grandson also reported other problems within the unit. “The professionals work overloaded, without the slightest condition of infrastructure, everything is precarious, the bathroom floods, the medication is delayed, the equipment is broken, and then, everyone gets stressed. The workers receive all complaints and the companions see their relatives hospitalized with basic needs not met ”, he commented.

Hamilton complains that he needs to be extra careful in special situations, as was the case with his grandmother, who was elderly and had Alzheimer’s

“It is necessary to humanize the hospital, including, not only the issue of care for the elderly, but mainly for the elderly with dementias, I know it is not easy, but I also know that it is possible. Unimed’s administration can provide working conditions for professionals, train for palliative care actions and care for the elderly. It is extremely urgent ”, reports the grandson.


The Unimed Advisory, informed by means of a note, that it is in solidarity with the family and says that it provided all the necessary assistance to the patient.

“The management of Unimed Manaus reiterates its commitment to providing humanized and quality medical and hospital care, with the objective of safeguarding and restoring the health of its beneficiaries and all those who use its care units,” says the note on behalf of Sergio Ferreira, president of Unimed Manaus.

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