Elections in Bolivia: what will the first election be like after Evo Morales resigns?


  • Boris Miranda (@ivanbor)
  • BBC World News

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Bolivia has had many popular protests in the past year

It was almost midnight on October 20, 2019, when the last national elections of the Bolivia, and the country still did not know if Evo Morales would remain in the Presidency.

A year after the controversial election was canceled, Bolivians return to the polls this Sunday to decide who will be the first elected president after Morales’ nearly 14 years of rule and after Jeanine Áñez’s interim term.

Morales resigned on November 10 amid a social mobilization that, added to the mutiny of most Bolivian police and the request for resignation made by the Armed Forces, ended up removing him from power.

After a year marked by the coronavirus pandemic, this Sunday’s elections arrive with the party founded by Morales, the Movement for Socialism (MAS), as a favorite in the polls, with candidate Luis Arce Catacora.


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