Elections in the US: – Harris cancels travel after corona infection


Senator Kamala Harris, the Democrats ‘vice presidential candidate, cancels all travel over the weekend after infection was detected among Harris’ campaign staff.

This is stated by the election campaign management in a statement on Thursday afternoon, according to the Washington Post.

Two people working for Harris’ election campaign have tested positive for the coronavirus. They have now been placed in isolation.

ATTACK: Shortly after it became clear that Jo Biden’s vice presidential candidate would be Kamala Harris, Donald Trump posted this video on Twitter.
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– Not close contact

In the statement from Joe Bidens and Kamala Harris’ election campaign management, it is emphasized that the infected have not had close contact with Vice Presidential candidate Harris, as defined by the CDC, the American Infection Control Agency.

– Harris has not been in contact with any of these in the two days before they took positive tests, and consequently there is no requirement for quarantine, the statement says.

Nevertheless, the election campaign wants to take extra precautions, it is emphasized in the statement. They emphasize that Harris will still campaign, but that it will take place virtually.

PIECES: President Donald Trump once again reached out to his opponent in the battle for the office of Joe Biden during the convention in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Video: AP
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Trump coronasmittet

Earlier in October, US President Donald Trump became infected with the coronavirus, and at one point had to be hospitalized, where he received an experimental antibody and steroid treatment.

After a weekend, the president was discharged, and a week after his discharge, he was discharged. Then he immediately began to hold large public meetings, to the great despair of the infection control experts.

In Florida earlier this week, he gathered several thousand listeners, and repeated the business in Pennsylvania two days later. On Friday, he travels again to Florida and will again hold a similar public meeting.

TWO WORLDS: While Joe Biden is careful about infection control rules during his election campaign, the situation is completely different at Donald Trump’s public meetings. Video / photo: NTB / AP
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Infection control

Joe Biden, the Democrats’ presidential candidate, also meets voters, but on a much smaller scale and in other ways than Trump.

On the same day that Trump held his first public meeting after the corona recovery announcement, Biden held two election campaign meetings in Ohio.

An event took place outdoors, and was a so-called drive-in event where the audience sat in their cars while Biden spoke.

After this, Biden pulled in to hold another event, and then the maximum limit was set at 20 people, who were all wearing face masks and sitting on chairs at least one meter apart.

The Danish virology professor Allan Randrup Thomsen described the difference as follows:

– Like night and day


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