Elephant seal puts white shark to swim in pursuit at sea


However powerful and intimidating it may be, the great white shark may also be afraid: this is what a video that has been running on social media shows. In it, a huge elephant seal chases the predator and causes the fish to flee at an impressive speed.

The images were captured by the 14-year-old boy Luka Oosthuizen, in the Plett region, South Africa. Aspiring as a photographer, the young man noticed the movement in the waters and started recording. The powerful cars in the “Fast and Furious” films do not stand up to this maritime pursuit.

Huge elephant seal chases white shark in South Africa

Image: Playback / Facebook

The video hit the networks when the Plettenberg Bay Tourism account, which shares tourist information and curiosities about the South African region on Facebook, published it. In the comments, followers of the profile were surprised and amused by the unusual scene.

“The shark was looking for a baby seal snack, but the big daddy wasn’t thinking the same thing,” joked one follower, mistaking one animal for another. “Elephant seals are huge, especially males,” said another.


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