Eliana Bomba on the networks on a commentator’s day and regrets the fall of the SPFC – 09/30/2020


Eliana was one of the characters of the SBT broadcast in the defeat of São Paulo against River Plate, today, for the Copa Libertadores. The presenter appeared to comment on the pre-game, returned at halftime and after the match to regret the fall of the tricolor team. In the end, it became a topic on Twitter.

Before the start of the game, Eliana received a shirt from São Paulo as a gift with her name and the number 10. She also said that her entire family is from São Paulo and that she usually goes to football stadiums.

“I’m going to a direct stadium. Until [a filha] Manuela is gone. I take the children. It’s very good. That’s it, people. It’s a passion for every Brazilian, it’s delicious. “

In the interval, when the tricolor team lost 2-1, the presenter came back to say that she trusted the turnaround in the second half. However, the reaction of São Paulo did not happen, and Eliana regretted the elimination of the club in Libertadores.

“Sad for Arthur, my son, who fell asleep later. Tomorrow he has class. But, on the other hand, we didn’t lose to any team. We are talking about River, of extreme speed, competence, coach who has been there for six years. Gallardo did very well. We hope that next year we can be at Libertadores “, he said.

“I partially messed up [o placar], I said 3 to 2. River put two. My forecast was not that bad, “he added.

Throughout her participation, Eliana was commented on Twitter as a commentator and ended up as a meme of the suffering of the tricolor fan.


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