Eliana has an abortion, announces divorce with her husband and breaks up: “Won’t”


Eliana opened the game and said she even asked her husband for a divorce (Photo montage)

Presenter Eliana, who runs her program on SBT, said she asked her husband for divorce after suffering an abortion

The presenter Eliana opened the game in conversation with Thais Fersoza on YouTube and gave unpublished and at least curious statements about a painful moment lived at home with her husband. That’s because, the blonde, who is considered the main star of SBT, opened the game and said that she suggested a divorce for her husband Adriano Ricco, when she suffers an abortion, before the pregnancy of little Manu, who today is strong and happy:

“I had an abortion, I lost it, before Manu. And I thought I was not going to get pregnant anymore. I even said to Adriano at the time: ‘Look, I’m already in my forties and I think that, if you want to be a father, I would tell you to look for another way, no matter how much we love each other, everything and such … Why I don’t think it will happen, “recalled Eliana, who shortly after became pregnant with the youngest, now 3 years old.

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Eliana continued to open the game and said that the response received by her husband, when she suggested divorce in the face of abortion, was the one that motivated her to continue in the relationship with even more love for her partner: ”

“At the time, I heard something so cool about him that it motivated me to stay in the relationship with even more love. That was when he said that, regardless of whether I could have a child or not, he loved me and wanted to follow me. That really motivated me. It was very strong for me ”.

In the chat, Thais Fersoza did not hide his admiration for Eliana with the noble attitude in asking for a divorce in the face of the possibility of not being able to generate a child for her current partner. It is worth mentioning that the blonde from SBT is also the mother of little Artur, the result of her previous marriage with João Boscoli.

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