Eliana says she asked her husband to leave her after having a miscarriage


Presenter comments how the experience of loss affected her emotional side and the couple’s dynamics

Eliana, 46, said she asked her husband, Adriano Ricco, 42, to leave her when she suffered a miscarriage, before becoming pregnant with her daughter, Manuela, 3. “I had an abortion, I lost it before Manu, and I thought that I wasn’t going to get pregnant anymore. I even said to Adriano at the time: ‘Look, I’m already in my forties and I think that, if you want to be a father, I would tell you to look for another way, no matter how we love each other, everything and such … Because I think it will not happen ‘, revealed the presenter.

However, Ricco refused to do this, which prompted Eliana to remain in the relationship “with even more love”, in her words. “He said that, regardless of whether or not I could have a son, he loved me and wanted to continue with me. That really motivated me. It was very strong for me,” recalled the blonde, thrilled in a chat with Thaís Fersoza, 36, to the actress’s YouTube channel.

Fersoza pointed out that Eliana was generous in her posture. “Even in love, letting go sometimes is important. At that moment it was a difficult decision for me, but: ‘if it is better for you, it will’. And then he decided to stay, and we were fine, happy. Because I think, when you go through such a loss, it messes with the couple’s emotional. It’s very difficult. It’s not easy ”, said the presenter, confident.

She said that three months after that conversation, on a trip with their families, she became pregnant with her youngest daughter. In October 2017, Eliana spoke in an interview with Roberto Cabrini that she thought she would die the day before her daughter was born. “I had an outbreak, a fear”, but everything turned out well. The presenter is also Arthur’s mother, married to João Marcelo Bôscoli.


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