Ellevill conspiracy theory is gaining more and more followers


The conspiracy theory claims that a number of leading Democrats, including former presidents such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, along with a number of “left-wing” celebrities and cultural figures, engage in satanic and perverse sexual exploitation of children, are cannibals and conspire to rule the United States and the world.

Former United States First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is a favorite target of the QAnon congregation, as is Jewish philanthropist George Soros and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

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Trump is the rescue

Although it may be difficult to believe that some people really believe the crazy allegations that are being made, such as that Angela Merkel is Adolf Hitler’s granddaughter and that 5G technology is spreading coronavirus, more and more people are supporting the conspiracy theory.

What they all have in common is that they see President Donald Trump as the great savior, who has secretly saved thousands of children from falling into the clutches of the secret network.

QAnon’s supporters are also convinced that Trump will soon make a final settlement with “those responsible” and throw everyone in jail, including the Clintons and Obama.

Works as a megaphone

The wild conspiracy theory is widely spread on social media, despite the fact that both Facebook and Twitter have promised redress and improvement, according to a survey conducted by the news agency AP.

“Their algorithms contribute to radicalizing people and in reality give this conspiracy theory a megaphone so that it can be expanded,” anthropologist Sophie Bjork-James at Vanderbilt University told AP.

She has long followed the spread of QAnon and believes that social media such as Facebook and Twitter play a crucial role in the spread.

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Have a responsibility

– They have a responsibility and must shut down this megaphone. Time and time again, they show little willingness to do so, says Bjork-James.

Twitter admits to the AP that they have not banned QAnon, but claims that they are doing their best to limit the spread of the conspiracy theory. In July, they introduced new rules that have reportedly halved the number of messages of this type.

However, Facebook still automatically locks users to several QAnon groups, including “QAnon Updates” where 11,000 members exchange increasingly wild theories, videos and links.

One of the groups has been named “Trump 2Q2Q” in an attempt to hide what it actually contains, and on Instagram you can still search for the subject “WWG1WGA”. It is an abbreviation for the conspiracy group’s motto “Where We Go One, We Go All”.

Sets for selection

QAnon also has supporters in the corridors of power in the United States, and among those who have embraced the conspiracy theory is Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn, according to CNN.

Both Flynn and Trump’s former campaign adviser George Papadopoulos were on the list of speakers last month when QAnon held its “Digital Soliders Conference”, and Trump’s longtime friend Roger Stone has also marked himself as an avid supporter.

Media Matters for America recently revealed that Republicans who have helped pass on the conspiracy theory are now running in at least twelve states in the United States.

Among them are Marjorie Taylor Greene in Georgia, Jo Rae Perkins in Oregon, Mike Cargile and Erin Cruz in California, Lauren Boebert in Colorado and Theresa Raborn in Illinois.

Pence and Trump

Vice President Mike Pence was scheduled to attend a meeting hosted by QAnon supporters in Montana in September, but canceled it when confronted with who was behind it.

– I know nothing about QAnon and take full distance from it, he said in an interview with CBS News.

Trump, however, did not distance himself from the conspiracy supporters when he was asked about QAnon during a press conference in the White House in mid-August.

– I have heard that these people love our country, was the president’s answer.

Trump further said that he had no greater knowledge of the QAnon movement, “except that I understand that they like me very much and are becoming increasingly popular.”


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