Eloisa Fontes: ex-husband is linked to the Russian mafia and beat a model, say friends


The international career of model Eloisa Fontes, found disoriented this week in a slum in Rio de Janeiro, is closely linked to the Russian Andre Birleanu. It was after meeting Andre in São Paulo, in 2011, that Eloisa moved to London and started her modeling career. They married and had a daughter, now seven, and separated in 2016.

According to Eloisa’s friends, however, the relationship was abusive. In interviews with the Extra newspaper, they said that Andre is linked to the Russian mafia and assaulted Eloisa.

To Extra, Andre’s ex-girlfriend, who declined to be identified, said Eloisa’s daughter is doing well, away from her father, and under the care of a family, by order of the British courts.

“Andre was arrested in England after hitting another woman and lost custody of the girl. Now he’s in Milan making another girl’s life hell. He’s involved with the mafia. It ended the life of Eloisa and many women. Eloisa was a princess, a good person, she didn’t have an outbreak. She moved in with him and told me that she was afraid, that he beat her and threatened her with death, ”said the woman.

Ex says model abandoned daughter

André Birleanu stated that Eloisa Fontes abandoned her daughter, now 7 years old. He denied the assault charges, first revealed by the former agent of the Alagoas model, and said he was surprised by the statements.

“Insulting and defaming a person either does. Even more within an industry that literally ‘sells’ its models for worldwide jobs. I will sue you for defamation. You don’t talk like that without proof. Even more when we have an adult woman, who abandons a child at the center of this story, ”said André.

André says that Eloisa’s behavior has changed a lot, but that he has not witnessed anything that could lead him to think that she was ill or was addicted at the time they were together.

“She never used drugs with me, but she is destroying everything around her. So, it is easier to find a culprit so that she is absolved of her own guilt. Today I see the sad shadow of a woman I saw becoming famous. I don’t recognize her anymore ”, lamented André.


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