Emergency aid: 4 million receive this Thursday


On Thursday (15), the cash withdrawal and transfer of emergency aid will be released by Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) to beneficiaries born in September. These beneficiaries are not part of Bolsa Família.

This group of beneficiaries born in September received the amount of emergency aid on September 25th. On this date, the amount was credited to Caixa’s digital social savings account. Until now, the amount could only be moved by the Caixa Tem application, for payment of slips and purchases by QR Code and virtual debit card, for example. The withdrawal calendar continues until October 27, when those born in December will be able to make the move.

All of these beneficiaries are from the first to the seventh batch of R $ 600 assistance. The registration status of each informal worker can be verified on Caixa’s official website.

Withdrawal schedule for aid transfer

September 19: born in January

September 22: born in February

September 29: born in March

October 1: born in April

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