Emergency aid beneficiaries donate more than R $ 23 million to political campaigns


The newspaper O Globo crossed data from the Ministry of Citizenship with the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) and found that more than 23,000 beneficiaries of emergency aid and Bolsa Família donated to election campaigns for mayors and councilors. Donations totaled R $ 23.8 million.

The survey carried out by O Globo takes into account transfers of R $ 13.2 million in financial donations and R $ 10.6 million in estimated donations. Estimated donations are made by those who contribute with some type of service or material and calculate how much they would cost. This goes for, for example, cleaning and painting.

The average of donations made is R $ 650. As the first five installments paid are R $ 600, it is as if one of the installments had been used to finance a politician. This amount should increase, as the deadline for delivering the first partial of bills ends on Sunday (25).

Until last Friday night (23), the candidates who are going to run for election had declared more than R $ 424 million in their own or individual income. Of this total, 5.6% came from Bolsa Família beneficiaries and emergency aid.

If it does not exceed 10% of the previous year’s income, this donation is not irregular. However, if the financial capacity of the registered donors is proven, the political candidate may be refused registration.


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