Emergency aid: See this week’s R $ 300 and R $ 600 payments and withdrawals


This week, Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) will make new payments of emergency aid, both R $ 600 and R $ 300. By Friday, a total of 10.7 million workers will be covered.

This Monday (5th), emergency aid was paid to 3.3 million Brazilians born in February. The group that received the first installment of R $ 300 today received the first installment of the R $ 600 aid in April. In all, 2.1 million beneficiaries received aid of R $ 300 and the remaining 1.2 million received some of the installments of R $ 600.

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On Wednesday (07), the beneficiaries born in March receive the aid. And on Friday (09), beneficiaries born in April. With the payment made, the beneficiaries will be able to move the money only through the digital social savings account. The money will be available for withdrawal from November 7 for those born in February, November 14 for those born in March, and November 21 for those born in April.

On Sunday (11), Caixa will deposit the aid for beneficiaries born in May. The group will be able to withdraw the money from November 21st.

Still this week, Tuesday (06), beneficiaries born in June will be able to start making cash withdrawals of the amount. And from Thursday (08), those born in July will be able to start moving.


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