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The payment schedule for the Emergency Withdrawal of the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) is in the final stretch and the workers who have not yet received or who have chosen not to redeem the money have until the end of the year to qualify to be able to withdraw the amount of R $ 1,045.

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In accordance with the timetable established by Caixa, all qualified workers have already received credit for the resources in the Digital Social Savings. Cash withdrawals and transfers are being released gradually, according to the date of birth of the quota holders. See the full schedule below.

FGTS scam: criminals create false records and have access to victims’ accounts

Amid the set of measures to mitigate the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, the government released new withdrawals of up to R $ 1,045, considering the sum of the balances of all active (current employment) or inactive (previous employment) accounts with a balance in the FGTS.

The forecast is that the operation will move a total of more than R $ 37.8 billion to approximately 60 million workers.

Questioned by G1 about the amount already made available and the number of workers benefited, Caixa informed that “it will only be possible to know the balance of the total amounts actually credited and moved in the accounts at the end of the action”, since the worker has until December 31 to access the FGTS App and request the withdrawal.

FGTS emergency withdrawal calendar

Birth monthAccount creditWithdrawal or transfer
JaneiroJune 29July 25
FebruaryJuly 6thAugust 8
MarchJuly 13August 22
AprilJuly 20September 5
MayJuly 27September 19
JuneAugust 3October 3
JulyAugust 10October 17
AugustAugust 24October 17
SeptemberAugust, 31October 31st
OctoberSeptember 8October 31st
NovemberSeptember 14November 14
DecemberSeptember 21stNovember 14

Who did not receive on the scheduled date

Caixa warns that to receive the FGTS Emergency Withdrawal, it is necessary to have updated registration data.

“Workers who have not yet received should access the FGTS application, supplement their registration data and request the opening of the Digital Social Savings account. The amount and date of the credit are informed below”, informs the bank.

Qualification for FGTS emergency withdrawal can be made until December 31st.

It is worth remembering that, initially, the movement of the value is only made digitally using the Caixa Tem application, for virtual purchases and payments. From the date the funds are made available for withdrawal or transfer, workers are able to send the funds to accounts at any bank, free of charge, or withdraw cash in cash at ATM’s ATMs and lottery shops.

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Who warned that they did not want to receive but changed their mind

The worker who, throughout the calendar, accessed the FGTS App and informed that he did not want to receive the emergency withdrawal can also change his mind and make the request. Under the program rule, the shareholder could choose the “credit undo” option at least 10 days before the expected date for depositing in digital social savings.

“If the worker has chosen not to receive the FGTS Emergency Withdrawal but wishes to receive the amount, the request must be made by December 31, 2020”, explains Caixa.

Questioned by G1, Caixa did not say how many workers chose to opt out.

Who has not moved value in digital savings

If the credit for the amounts has been made in digital social savings and this account is not used until November 30, the funds will be returned to the FGTS account, duly corrected and without any damage to the worker, according to Caixa.

If after this period, the worker wishes to make the withdrawal, he can still request the redemption until December 31 through the FGTS App.

Balance inquiry and withdrawal information

Caixa provides the following service channels for FGTS emergency withdrawals:

  1. Site fgts.caixa.gov.br
  2. CAIXA 111 Call Center, option 2:
  3. Internet Banking Caixa:

– Click here to download the app for Android phones
– Click here to download the iOS mobile app (Apple)

How to prevent bumps

Workers across the country who tried to make an emergency withdrawal from the FGTS of up to R $ 1,045 found that the money had already been withdrawn and that they were victims of scams.

The scam is as follows: using the CPF and the workers’ names, scammers register on the Caixa Tem application, informing a fake email, and take the money. As the application does not ask for confirmation of the user’s identity, scammers have no difficulty in ‘stealing’ access to Caixa Tem. The Federal Police is investigating the case.

See in the video below cases of people harmed.

Scammers use Caixa Tem app to criminally withdraw FGTS from workers

Scammers use Caixa Tem app to criminally withdraw FGTS from workers

Here are tips for not falling for scams:

  • Caixa recommends that workers use only the bank’s official channels to obtain information on the FGTS withdrawal.
  • Do not provide passwords or other access data on other websites or applications.
  • The customer must always be attentive to any unusual activity and situation, and especially not to click on links received by SMS, WhatsApp or social networks to access accounts and receivables.
  • Be suspicious of sensational information and “unmissable opportunities”.
  • Suspicious links can lead to the installation of spy programs, which can be hidden on your cell phone or computer, collecting navigation information and user data
  • Always use updated browsers and antivirus software.
  • Caixa never asks for a password and electronic signature on the same page, the signature being typed only through the image of the virtual keyboard.
  • Caixa does not send SMS with a link and only sends emails if the customer authorizes it.
  • The worker must register on the official FGTS website and application on Google Play and the Apple Store.
  • It is necessary to check if the link has https so that the connection is secure for entering data. The same goes for the padlock before the address. The user can click on it to check the security certificate and expiration date.
  • The worker must also download the official Caixa Tem application (on Google Play or the App Store) and register using his e-mail and cell phone number. Once registered in the application, the worker prevents scammers from having access to the account.

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