Emily in Paris: Lily Collins claims she was the protagonist’s age


Days ago, after an interview for Vogue british, Lily Collins ended up generating a “controversy” on social networks. That’s because, during the conversation, the actress suggested that the protagonist of the series Emily in Paris, played by her, would be about 22 years old. After all the fuss, the artist ended up going back on the statement.

Emily in Paris: Lily Collins says she was wrong in the protagonist Photo / Reproduction

“I don’t think we have already given her a specific number for her age, but I believe she has just left college. Perhaps this will be the first year after graduation ”, he said to the magazine. It turns out that, in the opinion of many people, it seems quite unreal that such a young girl is already occupying the position that Emily occupies in her work, living in Paris and wearing expensive brands from head to toe.

Recently, then, Lily made a post in Stories on the subject. She used a picture of the character and wrote: “Emily looking at me when I miss her age.” But he also took the opportunity to play a game. “You may not be 22, but I have to say – sometimes you act like you are”, completed.

Lily-Collins-Age Emily in Paris
Emily in Paris: Lily Collins claims she was wrong with the protagonist Instagram / Reproduction

End of controversy now? Haha ha.

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