Emma Roberts: – Blocked mom after Instagram blister


In June, rumors abounded that Hollywood star Emma Roberts (29) was pregnant with actress colleague Garrett Hedlund (35). Shortly afterwards, Robert’s mother, Kelly Cunningham, confirmed the pregnancy news on Instagram.

“Kelly is Emma pregnant?” asked a curious follower in the comments section of one of Cunningham’s Instagram posts.

“Yes,” the Hollywood star’s mother replied brutally honestly.

CONFIRMED: Emma Robert’s mother was quick to confirm the news that the daughter was expecting her first child. Photo: Screenshot from Instagram
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Shortly afterwards, however, Cunningham’s Instagram profile was removed. Thus, there was reason to believe that Robert’s mother regretted that she had shared the news of her pregnancy before her own daughter.

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No hassle-free pregnancy

Now, however, the truth is emerging. Emma Roberts is a guest on the American talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” over Zoom, and there the actor admits that the pregnancy has not been completely problem-free.

She blames her mother for this.

– I walked quietly in the doors around my pregnancy, but unfortunately my mother has Instagram. Mothers and Instagram are a bad combination, she says.

Gets criticism from the daughter after this picture

Furthermore, Roberts explains that his mother does not own a computer, and that she had a flip phone up to three years ago.

– So for Mother’s Day, I gave her an iPhone. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, she continues.

As mentioned, the new iPhone was supposed to present problems for Roberts when the mother acquired Instagram, and then confirmed her daughter’s pregnancy for the rest of the world.

– It was a disaster, and I found out while I was on a plane. So I could not contact her. When I told her that she had revealed my pregnancy, she said: “Emma, ​​you have published it yourself”. “No I have not. It was the tabloid media “, I replied to her. Then she said, “It did not come out clearly,” Roberts explains.

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Instagram war

As a result of her mother’s revelation, the actress admits that she took drastic action, and that she simply chose to block her mother from the social image sharing service.

She describes it all as an Instagram war with her mother that she never saw coming, but points out that it will be a good story to tell her future child. Roberts also informs that the blocking of the mother has subsequently been removed.

These are the stars' secret Instagram accounts

These are the stars’ secret Instagram accounts

It was not until the end of August that the actor himself confirmed the pregnancy news on Instagram. The post contained pictures of Roberts holding her pregnant belly, as well as pictures of her and her boyfriend together.

– Me and my two favorite boys, she wrote to the post, revealing that the couple is expecting a boy.

Roberts has shared very few photos of his girlfriend before. The duo has kept a very low profile since the romance rumors around the two being a couple, began to flourish last year.

That Roberts has kept the cards close to his chest in terms of his relationship with Hedlund, may seem to have been completely conscious.

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Will never talk about relationships

In an interview with Cosmopolitan last year, she refused to answer questions about the relationship with her acting colleague, but instead commented on how she experiences others speculating about her privacy.

– I spend hours on the phone with my mom. She puts everything in perspective. She’s never judged me. I also have the most amazing group of friends, she explained, and continued:

– They come away and we lie in bed or talk, watch TV or read short stories to each other. We open a bottle of wine. For me, the best thing when something happens – to get everyone together.

PRIVATE: Hollywood star Emma Roberts is known for protecting her privacy. Pictured here during the Met gala last year. Photo: Elaine Wells / Pa Photos / NTB
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In the same interview, she also talked about why she chooses to keep her love life private.

– I will never talk about relationships I am in or that are ending or are ending. It is difficult enough to be together alone, and not least with an audience. Growing up is difficult. “Sometimes it makes me sad that I can not have a private moment,” she said candidly.


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