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Trump’s own corona task force has warned Wisconsin residents to avoid large crowds. On Sunday night, the president gathered thousands of supporters in the state.

The warning from the White House was sent to the country’s governors in a weekly report that is not published, reports the Center for Public Integrity.

Wisconsin is in the middle of an outbreak, and people are therefore asked to be careful with the use of face masks, and to take care of physical distance and hand hygiene.

– Wisconsin’s ability to limit hospitalizations and deaths will depend on measures being taken to maintain a distance until the infection pressure eases, the report states, among other things.

– If these measures are not complied with, it will lead to deaths that could have been prevented, it further states.

Trump voters in Florida: – I think he will take the virus less seriously now

Trump has repeatedly been slapped by local authorities for his voter rallies, including from Nevada Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak:

Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Tony Evers tells local Spectrum News he’s worried.

– Unless something extraordinary happens between now and then, he encourages a super-spreader event. As governor of the state of Wisconsin, I would personally ask him to get people to wear face masks and keep them at bay, he said Thursday.

The governor has also shared the White House warning on Twitter:

On Friday, the Ministry of Health in Minnesota announced that they have traced at least 20 cases of infection back to a Trump rally in Bemidji on September 18, writes CNN.

Janesville, where Trump is holding his rally on Sunday night, is located in Rock County, which earlier this week reported record numbers of infections. according to local Gazette Xtra.

Across the state, local health authorities reported more than 4,100 new cases on Friday, the New York Times wrote. This is the highest number in one day since the start of the pandemic.

Did you bring it with you? “Crowdsurfing” through the crowd

From the podium during the public meeting, which started just before 2 o’clock Norwegian time, Trump came with the following sting to Governor Tony Evers – to great cheers from the audience.

– I wish you had a Republican governor, because you have to open up your state.

The United States is very hard hit by the coronavirus. To date, more than 219,000 people have lost their lives with the coronavirus in the country:

According to the CBS channel, local doctors asked Trump to cancel his plans in Wisconsin.

– President Trump’s public meetings endanger public health and have become platforms where he can spread incorrect medical information, says doctor Bob Freedland.

Democrat Mark Pocan, who represents Wisconsin in the House of Representatives in Washington DC, has also asked Trump to cancel the plans.

– Wisconsin has had over 10,000 covid cases in three days. President Donald Trump, why are you still holding a super-spreader meeting this morning? he asked on Friday, before asking the president to turn on the air on Saturday:

Ted Lieu, who represents California in the House of Representatives, is also strongly critical of the meeting:

– Trump’s decision to hold a super-spreader event when incidence increases is disrespectful, dangerous and idiotic, he writes on Twitter.

For the President of the United States, however, Wisconsin is very important. The state is among the tipping states that can decide the presidential election on November 3, and Trump gave the state’s voters a clear message on Sunday night about how important they are:

– If we win Wisconsin, we win the whole thing. What do you think I’m doing out here on an icy night? Do you think I do it for my health? he asked.

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