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Without anyone seeing, Cassiano jumps out the window of the Albuquerque and comes face to face with Alberto. The businessman tries to call the authorities, but Cassiano strikes to stop him:

“You’re not going to talk to anyone. Now you’re just going to listen, Alberto Albuquerque. Don’t be afraid, I won’t break your bones in here. Not that you don’t deserve it.”

“Cassiano, you better go. For your own good”, warns Alberto, already free from his rival.

Cassiano (Henri Castelli) demands to know if Alberto (Igor Rickli) was to blame for his arrest in Guatemala – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globo

Cassiano takes the opportunity to find out if the businessman was really responsible for all the hell he went through in the Caribbean:

“I know how much you love me, Beto. That’s why you set that trap up seven years ago, wasn’t it? And you stole my wife, my son, my freedom, my life, my future within Aeronautics, everything! “

Alberto (Igor Rickli) confesses to Cassiano (Henri Castelli) who set him up because of Ester (Grazi Massafera) – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Gobo

It is then that Alberto leaves the pose of a good boy and decides to take Cassiano the bad-tempered and vindictive man that he really is:

“Because I am the strongest of the two of us. We fought for it all our lives, didn’t we? Who ran faster, who swam faster, who spent more time underwater, who kissed the most beautiful girl in town. .. It was fun, wasn’t it? Only those days of innocence, Cassiano, were left behind. And from the moment you crossed my path … I was forced to … ”

Cassiano interrupts Alberto and asks what path he says he crossed. The businessman goes straight to the point and mentions Esther:

“Yes, it did, it did! All my life I wanted Esther and you knew that very well. You always knew that I always wanted Esther. And I fought for her.”

Cassiano (Henri Castelli) and Alberto (Igor Rickli) exchange threats and declare war – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globo

Cassiano plays in Alberto’s face that he never fought for anything, he just played dirty, especially when he set up that diamond trap. The pilot calls the enemy a brat and claims that he will never have Esther. Alberto guarantees that the owner of the NGO was very happy in the marriage, but Cassiano gets angry and threatens him:

“You bought a fight that will cost you dearly. You can write! I will take everything from you: Esther, my son and your money. I will take your power here in this village. Everything! I will not take your friends because you there is none “, promises Cassiano.

“Get out of Ester’s life once and for all or you will have the rest of your life to regret in a filthy, dark prison, much worse than the dungeon of my friend, Dom Rafael”, rebels Alberto.

A war is declared!

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Ester tells Alberto that he will not be able to keep her away from Cassiano. Juliano and Duque convince Cassiano to hide in the boat. Rafael combines with Reinaldo the departure of Amparo and a security guard on the Cristal tour in Brazil, and asks the businessman for secrecy about security. Yvete gives Alberto a spy device to monitor Esther through his wife’s glasses. Cassiano invades Alberto’s house and warns that he will take everything from his ex-friend. Esther asks Cassiano about Cristal.

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