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Today Canaltech offers our readers a special offer from Amazon, offering smart devices that help you transform your home without spending a lot. They are discounts on the entire Echo product line, exclusive to Prime subscribers. Remembering that you can try Amazon Prime for free for 30 days! Just access this link, validate your card and you’re done.

About Amazon Echo

Amazon offers in Brazil four models of its Echo smart devices, which act as a hub for connected houses and help the user to organize their daily lives. The products have variations in features and prices, the most important being the Echo dot, light and compact – dimensions of only 43 mm x 99 mm x 99 mm and weight of 300 grams. The device has four long-range microphones to listen to your instructions from a distance.

The standard Echo, on the other hand, features a more robust audio system, to present clear voices with dynamic bass feedback. It features a 3-inch neodymium woofer, increased acoustic volume and Dolby technology, with 360 ° omnidirectional audio with strong bass, plus clear mids and highs. It is also Bluetooth enabled, so the user can control music directly from their cell phone or tablet. Echo features a design with fabric material, similar to Echo Dot.

The four options of Echo devices available in Brazil

The other options bring touch screens so that the interaction with the user goes a little beyond the voice. Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 are smart displays, as they offer more than just a smart speaker: they also have a touchscreen with which the user can interact. There are 5.5 inches in the first and 8 inches in the second, and the idea is that you, in addition to organizing your day to day counting on Alexa for that (having in hand all the functions available in Dot), can also have fun with everything that can be used on the small screen.

All of them are equipped with the Alexa voice assistant and are compatible with music streaming services such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer. In the case of display models, you can also use Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, among others.

Mega Discount at Echo Dot

In this exclusive promotion from Amazon for PRIME SUBSCRIBERS, you will have more than 20% discount on the purchase of Echo Dot and free shipping throughout Brazil.

Remembering that you can try Amazon Prime for free for 30 days! Just access this link, validate your card and you’re done.

Check out the other models of the Echo line:

  • Amazon Echo: R $ 664.05 at vista or 12x of R $ 58.25
  • Amazon Echo Show 5: R $ 379 in cash or 12x in R $ 33.25
  • Amazon Echo Show 8: from R $ 854.05 in cash or 12x from R $ 74.99
  • New Amazon Echo Dot (without watch): R $ 379.05 at sight or 12x from R $ 33.25
  • New Amazon Echo Dot (with watch): R $ 474.05 in cash or 12x in R $ 41.58
  • New Amazon Echo: R $ 711.55 at sight or 12x from R $ 62.41
  • New Amazon Echo Show 12: R $ 1,804.05 or 12x R $ 158.25 (coming soon)

This is the best spot and installment price for this device at retail, as you can see below in the Zoom price comparison:


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