Enough dinner for 300 people contested by a group of Porto citizens. Party and hotel guarantee DGS green light


The dinner-rally, organized by the District of Chega do Porto and which will bring together three hundred people at the table this Friday night, generated the protest of a group of local citizens, after the event had already been contested on social networks by the Anti-Fascist Unitary Front. The objections to the event, raised even before the declaration of the state of calamity, have already led Sheraton do Porto to react on Facebook itself: “[O hotel] it is an inclusive and non-discriminatory space (neither negative nor positive) and we do not accept that our space and our page are the scene of offensive behavior and contrary to these values ​​”, wrote those responsible for that unit.

The director of the hotel, Joana Almeida, clarifies that the party event had already been scheduled before the calamity came into effect and that all the health rules of the DGS will be “complied with”.

The leader of the District Political Committee of Chega also guarantees that the dinner, which will include the participation of André Ventura, “was duly authorized by the DGS”, making a point of remembering that “political party events are not restricted to 50 people, as it happens with weddings and other family parties ”.

A group of citizens of Porto, on behalf of Public Health, informed the dinner, by email, Thursday, to the DGS, Ministry of Health, ARS-Norte, Health Regulatory Entity, parliamentary groups and media, warning for “The exponential increase in the number of infected people, especially in the north and in Porto, obliges everyone, individually and collectively, to increase social responsibility”.

In the email addressed to the director of the hotel, the group of citizens states that “the unit of excellence and renown will not want to be associated with a predictable outbreak emerging from the event”, and if it is not canceled alert “will use legal means to hold responsible the hotel, should this happen ”. Expresso tried to contact Paulo Magalhães, signatory of the aforementioned email, who replied that the objective of the group of citizens is fulfilled at the moment: measures and journalism responsible for their dissemination for the sake of Public Health ”.

In response to the group of citizens, the director-general of the hotel clarifies that the guidelines and legislation issued by the Government, as well as the guidelines of the DGS, comply with the rules, but that it is not their responsibility “at all, as managers of a hotel, to discriminate religious orientations , policies or other ”by customers.

José Lourenço stresses that he does not understand the controversy, since Chega is not in breach of any legal precept. “After the Government authorized the” Avante! “Party, I do not understand the reason for this questioning about a normal and infinitely more restricted political dinner”, argues José Lourenço. Without a defined agenda, the district leader adds, however, that the OE 2021 and the possible mandatory installation of the StayAway Covid app will be two unavoidable themes in his intervention, warning that the application “is an unbelievable and excessive imposition”.

In relation to the intervention of André Ventura, Lourenço says he does not know the content of the same, but in the case of two of the themes of the moment they should be addressed. It is recalled that the leader and sole deputy of Chega considered the Government’s decision to allow “Avante!” To be “erratic and reprehensible”.


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